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BIXOLON Melodist

BIXOLON Melodist

Categorie: Accesorii

The BIXOLON Melodist uses both audio and visual signals to notify its users in a noisy environment, such as a kitchen, of any incoming orders from the counter by playing a melody sound with its built-in LED light blinking.

Effortless installation
The BIXOLON Melodist can be sassily installed and you only need to turn the printer or any other peripherals and RMB-100 over, connect the RJ11 jack connector to the DK port. Also

Attractive LED light and various melodies
The BIXOLON Melodist RMB-100 eliminates the need to check the printer every time and thus significantly improves work efficiency. The BIXOLON Melodist RMB-100 differentiates itself from the rest of the products in the POS market by providing 15 different melody sounds and allows its users to change them by simply using a Dip Switch.

RMB-100 : SRP-350plus, SRP-350, SRP-370, STP-131, STP-103DK, SRP-275, SRP-270, SRP-500

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BIXOLON Melodist
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